Joining the Copenhagen FinTech Lab

Since August 2017, Omnium has moved offices to now work out of the Copenhagen FinTech Lab, located at Christianshavn, Copenhagen.

The FinTech Lab is a co-working space dedicated to fintech entrepreneurs and startups focusing on the financial sector. As of September 2017, more than 40 companies are located under the same roof. This provides not only for a fantastic working atmosphere, but also comes with ample networking opportunities – both in the office and internationally, where Copenhagen Fintech is doing a marvelous job to connect to the other FinTech hubs of the world.

The tension field between the disruptive approaches of FinTech startups and the “deep legacy” environments of many financial companies calls is highly exciting, easily making for one of the largest IT challenges at present. Successful navigation in this space requires facts, experience, business understanding and deep technical insight. This is what Omnium brings as we continue our work with our customers in the financial sector to help them reach new, digital horizons.

Below are the members of Copenhagen FinTech as of September 2017.